Information Builders Brings Closed-Loop Business Intelligence to the Mobile Platform

WebFOCUS Mobile Data Collection Enables Organizations to Build and Deploy Device-Independent Transactional Systems and Applications

NEW YORK, NY � August 15, 2011 � Information Builders, an independent leader in business intelligence (BI) solutions, today announced the release of WebFOCUS Mobile Data Collection, its solution for building wide-scale BI and data maintenance applications to the mobile platform. With this enhanced offering, users can leverage a closed-loop business intelligence application, enabling them to access and interact with information and make informed data-driven decisions in real time, via any smartphone or tablet device.

WebFOCUS Mobile Data Collection enables developers to partition application logic over multiple platforms so data can be processed where it resides, allowing requests to run much faster while significantly reducing network traffic. The solution allows Information Builders’ customers to rapidly and efficiently build and deploy transactional systems and applications from any type of mobile device. The same development environment is used for both reporting and update-oriented applications. This allows users to leverage their existing platform and skill set and also lessens the learning curve for existing customers looking to adopt the new offering.

With the solution’s closed-loop BI application, which permits both reads and writes to the underlying database so operational data is continuously updated, all transactions can be processed and tracked via one cohesive, intuitive web-based interface. Using WebFOCUS Mobile Data Collection, customers can create event-specific rules customized to their individual company needs and project requirements. Prior to the introduction of this capability, users could view a report on their mobile device, but were unable to translate that information into action. Now they can access and interact with that information – and have all related workflow processes automatically updated – so that the entire BI cycle can run on a mobile platform.

“Mobile has become an increasingly important business intelligence platform as users continue to clamor for access to key information on the go,” said Robin Bloor, founder of The Bloor Group. “Until now, mobile BI users were limited in their ability to get the kind of information service they want on their mobile devices but Information Builders’ WebFOCUS Mobile Data Collection makes it possible for the entire BI cycle to occur on a mobile platform. This technology will be a boon to the growing mobile workforce.”

“Today’s information workers are increasingly using their smartphones and tablets as a prime mode of business communication,” said Gerald Cohen, president and CEO of Information Builders. “We’ve been enabling transaction-based processing since we first launched WebFOCUS fifteen years ago and, by bringing this capability to mobile, we’re giving our users the tools they need to do their jobs more efficiently on the platform of their choosing.”

About Information Builders

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