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Software Selection – Value of a Disciplined Process

The hardest challenge I face is convincing insurers that a methodical software search yields the most favorable decision.  I understand the pressure; the business is losing ground, service is suffering, we’ve waited too long already…but every insurance executive with whom I speak recognizes that hasty decisions lead to disastrous results; and many of them are living with those poor choices.

A company I worked with in the Midwest was ready to follow a more disciplined process.  They hired me on to instill a thorough search methodology across the organization – and they followed it for Life/Health and Property/Casualty software searches.  The results were resoundingly successful.

I’ve had as many software acquisition failures as the next insurance guy or gal, but I’ve learned that success comes from following a process, weeding out the chaff, trusting my business drivers, averting the pitfalls of kneejerk decisions and negotiating from the position of strength that a competitive search brings.

If you’re ready to make a change in the way you go about selecting operational software, or have never been down this path, read more…

Bill Garvey ([email protected]) has held senior level management positions in Operations and Information Technology for insurance carriers across the United States and Canada. Eastern Shores Consulting, provides consulting for the Property & Casualty as well as the Life & Health Insurance Industry for Policy Administration, Rating and Billing operations.  

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Sarah James

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