Exigen Insurance Solutions Announces New Version of PolicyCore™

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) July 20, 2011 – Exigen Insurance Solutions, a leading provider of insurance core systems, today announced the release of Exigen PolicyCore™ 3.6, the latest version of its Product Factory™, underwriting, and policy administration system.

The new and enhanced features within PolicyCore™ enhance property and casualty insurers� ability to improve customer service, operational efficiency, agency/broker management and product agility.

�PolicyCore™ 3.6 has enhancements that appeal to customer-centric organizations interested in achieving differentiation through innovations in product, process and distribution,� says Rowshi Pejooh, vice president of product management at Exigen Insurance. �The common theme is providing insurers more flexibility, with transparency and control, so they can be more agile and responsive to customer needs.�

Areas of enhancement include:

  • Product development: Rapid product development is key to business agility and market growth for all insurers and PolicyCore™ 3.6 provides enhanced support within Product Factory™ for collaborative product development, as well as efficiency improvements in product rules management that streamline and accelerate market expansion domestically and globally.
  • User productivity: Insurers can find productivity gains through a number of Exigen Platform™ enhancements, such as the significant expansion of notes recording and management capability, including quick notes, search, spell check, and rich text support; the introduction of task management models with escalation and routing capabilities for handling manual tasks in business processes; and users can now simply drag and drop files from their own desktop system to the PolicyCore e-Folder™.
  • Partner and book of business management: Insurers can broaden distribution channels and improve ease of doing business with the new Partner Scheme management tool, which manages all agreements with distribution partners � be they agent/broker, bank, retail or affinity organizations. In addition, enhancements to single and bulk agency transfer include inter- and intra-agency transfers, flexible search and preview, and lifecycle management of bulk transfer requests.
  • Policy servicing: Insurers with call-centers serving multilingual clientele will have the ability to instantly switch from one language to another � English to French, for example � from within the UI.
  • System efficiency: New configuration capabilities have been added to provide greater flexibility to manage taxes and fees at the policy or coverage levels. The new release also includes a more simplified way to handle non-premium bearing endorsements that saves an average of 50% in transaction time.

�The new release of PolicyCore™ has been well received by our customers who are excited by the possibilities the enhancements provide to give a revenue lift or drive more operational efficiency,� said Gwen Spertell, president of Exigen Insurance. �These enhancements demonstrate our ongoing commitment to providing insurers with more and ever-better configuration and solution management capabilities.”

About Exigen Insurance Solutions

Exigen Insurance Solutions® offers insurers a completely modern, modular suite of end-to-end core solutions that provide measurable value and unparalleled speed to market. The Exigen Suite™ of configurable solutions � PolicyCore™, BillingCore™ and ClaimCore™ � can be implemented individually or together. Their comprehensive insurance functionality, innovative design, and embedded capabilities � including CRM, BPM, document generation, content management, business activity measurement, and operational analytics � enable P&C insurers of all sizes to increase distribution channel productivity while reducing operational expense. Exigen Insurance Solutions is a privately held company headquartered in San Francisco with offices in the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia. www.exigeninsurance.com