Information Builders’ iWay Software Expands Social Network Integration

Enterprise Social Collaboration Expanded With Real-Time BI, Analytics, and Twitter Integration

NEW YORK, NY � July 6, 2011 � iWay Software, an Information Builders company and an innovator of enterprise integration solutions, today announced the availability of an upgraded version of iWay CEP Enable, its unique integration platform that turns real-time data and events (inside and outside of the enterprise) into actionable information, helping organizations improve their business with faster, more informed decision-making. The platform facilitates complex event processing (CEP), enabling users to access feeds from a variety of sources, normalize information, and apply rules to determine if a business event has been reached. The expanded integration augments business collaboration through social media channels, such as Facebook and Salesforce Chatter, with real-time data and analytics content, enabling organizations to take advantage of opportunities or resolve problems in real time. CEP Enable now also allows organizations to monitor the pulse of business by consuming, processing, and analyzing Twitter feeds.

How It Works

iWay CEP Enable provides real-time business process orchestration and the ability to send custom messages with embedded information that can contain business intelligence (BI) content, such as reports and dashboards, as attachments. The BI and analytics content is provided through Information Builders’ industry leading BI platform, WebFOCUS. The CEP Enable engine lets organizations detect real-time events, quickly inform users with BI content, and efficiently react by running any Enable action. These can include an iWay Service Manager process flow, running a RESTful style service, sending e-mail, or even sending a tweet.

Collaborate, Analyze, and Make Decisions Without Leaving a Social Platform

Social media collaboration tools are predominantly used on mobile devices. iWay CEP Enable provides device independent Active Technology reports that are optimized to run on any mobile device � from tablets, such as Apple’s iPad and the Motorola Xoom, to smartphones, such as the Apple iPhone and those running Android. On an iPad users simply tap the attachment and it opens in the free Mobile Faves app provided by Information Builders in the Apple App Store.

As part of a Sales Lead Management System, iWay can orchestrate the processing of leads coming into the enterprise or Salesforce through its pattern detection and business rules engine. Part of that business process orchestration would allocate the lead to a sales rep, run a process that creates an Active Technology report, and then send a Chatter message to the sales rep along with the “Current Leads” report. The report can include the new lead, current open leads, and a “probability to close” column that was scored with the WebFOCUS RStat statistical modeling solution. This lets the rep make an informed decision about which lead to contact first � all done from within Chatter.

Monitoring the Pulse of the Business With Twitter Integration

iWay CEP Enable’s Twitter integration lets organizations consume, process, and act on real-time tweets allowing them to closely monitor every conversation in which the company is mentioned, without necessitating laborious searching. For example, as part of a Customer Relationship Management policy, an organization can use CEP Enable’s Twitter integration to detect negative tweets as they occur and react immediately � not after a week, which would give the competition ample time to steal their customer.

“Organizations are growing increasingly reliant on enterprise social collaboration,” said Gerald Cohen, CEO and president of Information Builders. “Our expanded iWay CEP Enable gives our customers the ability to analyze information and make business decisions on data obtained through social platforms and stay in touch with customers and constituencies in real time. As the enterprise grows increasingly mobile, this is a competitive advantage for our customers.”

Dashboards, Business Rules Engine, and Actions Framework

iWay CEP Enable 1.3 also includes several usability and performance enhancements, including:

  • Dashboards: A new dashboard tool for creating and managing custom dashboards and mashups. With this feature, users can add built-in CEP Enable portlets for visualizing real-time event feeds and third-party web 2.0 gadgets and/or widgets from platforms such as Google or Twitter
  • Business Rules Engine: The updated platform features several enhancements to the Business Rules Engine (BRE), including a graphical user interface as part of the environment for creating and editing rules. The rules and rulesets engine has also been updated, allowing for more complex conditions and the ability to process them more efficiently
  • Actions Framework: The Actions Framework, which handles the business rules processing outcomes, has been expanded to support more action types. These include sending e-mails, running a process flow as a service, running iWay CEP Enable built-in services, integrating with social media technologies (such as Chatter and Twitter), and the ability to call CEP Enable or iWay Service Manager process flows via RESTful style services

About iWay Software

iWay Software uses a single, integrated set of next-generation graphical design tools to assemble powerful real-time components for enterprise-class business-to-business (B2B), business process automation (BPA), or enterprise information management (EIM) integration scenarios – without writing expensive custom code. With these comprehensive solutions, organizations can build a strong, yet open and flexible technology infrastructure that maximizes agility, efficiency, and competitive advantage with measurable ROI. We deliver the fastest, most cost-effective, and simplest way to integrate and streamline business.

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