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AVON, CONNECTICUT, USA (June 7, 2011) – Carriers that want to succeed in the voluntary market must consider the needs, wants, and expectations of brokers, employers and employees when developing their marketing plans and strategies. Many carriers (at least in the past) focused most of their attention on the broker or employer, never really stopping to think about what employees want and need. But that has changed. Carriers realize that to be successful, they must also understand the employee. To support this endeavor, Eastbridge published MarketVision™ � The Employee Viewpoint 2010. The study, conducted late last year, updates the data from our 2006 study. The report is now available to the public.

The study provides important information that every carrier can use to understand and improve their employee value proposition. It is based on telephone interviews with employees and addresses such questions as:

  1. What types of insurance products do employees feel are the most important to own?
  2. What types of products do they actually own and how are these funded?
  3. How important is choice in benefits?
  4. Which voluntary products are most popular with employees?
  5. What types of products would employees like to own?
  6. Why do employees buy voluntary?
  7. What types of communication tools do employees prefer and find most useful?
  8. How satisfied are employees with their overall voluntary experience?

The study also compares the current results to those in past MarketVision™ studies.

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