Allstate Canada and MADD Remind You Not to Drink and Drive

TORONTO, June 7, 2011 – Long weekends and outdoor celebrations are two of the summer’s sweetest treats; but, sometimes summer’s revelry can also lead to tragedy. Allstate Insurance Company of Canada and MADD Canada want Canadians to enjoy their summer celebrations safely and to be aware of the dire consequences of drinking and then driving.

According to MADD Canada, on average four Canadians are killed and 190 are injured in impaired driving crashes every day. A significant number of these crashes occur once the warm weather arrives and people are more likely to be on the roads travelling to and from cottages, barbecues and other social gatherings. “People always seem more aware of the risk of crashes caused by impaired drivers during the holidays in December, but these crashes can happen at any time. Fatalities, injuries and damages caused by impaired driving take an unbelievable toll on our communities throughout the year,” says Denise Dubyk, National President of MADD Canada. “It is an entirely preventable crime and our goal is to see this behaviour eliminated.”

As a long-standing partner of MADD Canada, Allstate Canada is a proud to support MADD Canada’s mission to put an end to drunk driving. “We hope that by educating Canadians about the risks and the consequences of impaired driving, we can help to prevent senseless deaths and injuries on our roads and in our communities,” says Karen Benner, spokesperson for Allstate Canada.

Promote Safety at Your Summer Celebrations

Allstate Canada and MADD Canada want you and your party guests to celebrate the summer safely. Remember, your guests are your responsibility, and you may be liable for guests who choose to drink and drive. Here are a few ideas to help you enjoy your summer celebrations responsibly:

  1. Serve non-alcoholic cocktails.
  2. Choose a designated driver.
  3. Have public transportation tokens handy for guests to use when they’re ready to leave.
  4. Arrange for a number of taxis to arrive as your party ends or organize a bus or limo to transport groups of guests over further distances.
  5. Offer to have guests spend the night.

Crashes caused by impaired driving are entirely preventable, but every year injuries fatalities and damages continue to occur.

Did you know?

  • MADD Canada data notes that approximately 68,500 people are injured each year in impaired driving crashes.
  • MADD Canada estimates that between 1,350 and 1,600 people die in impairment-related crashes each year.
  • Impaired driving collisions can damage your property, too. Approximately 149,028 drunk driving collisions result in damage to property each year (that’s about 408 per day).
  • The cost of impaired driving deaths, injuries and property damage crashes is estimated at $21.62 billion per year.

You should know – Fatalities and injuries are not the only consequences of impaired driving:

  • You will be charged under section 253a of the Criminal Code of Canada.
  • Your license will be immediately suspended for 90 days and for a minimum of one-year if you are convicted.
  • You will be fined a minimum of $600.
  • If you are convicted, you will almost certainly be ineligible to purchase car insurance from a standard insurer for a minimum of three years or longer depending upon other factors in your driving history. You will have to buy insurance from a costly high-risk insurer, or from the Facility Association and you will end up paying higher insurance rates for potentially many years after your conviction.

Call your Allstate Canada insurance agent if you have questions about issues surrounding liability – this information is often case-specific and your agent will be happy to discuss it with you. Enjoy this summer season responsibly and without having to worry about your insurance. Check in with your local Allstate Canada agent to discuss your coverage and potential liability or visit for more information.

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