BCAA’s Roadside Assistance For Bikes Extended To All Cyclists During June

Burnaby, B.C. (June 2, 2011) — Cyclists won’t need to fret over flat tires, broken chains or other mechanical woes during “Bike Month,” this June. The British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA) is offering the same peace of mind provided by BCAA’s reliable Road Assist service to all cyclists – Member or not – who have broken down, and need help getting to work, school or home.

Cyclists who’ve experienced a mechanical breakdown can contact BCAA Road Assist to get help. And if their bike is beyond repair at roadside, the BCAA technician will transport the cyclist and their bike a maximum of five kilometres to their destination or a nearby bike repair shop. Bike Assist service and arrival times during Bike Month will be dependent on the availability of a driver.

In a recent Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) survey of 5,000 CAA members and other Canadians, over half of the respondents say they own or have access to a bicycle and one third of those respondents indicate they would consider riding more if they felt safer.

The organization hopes more people will be encouraged to try cycling knowing there’s help available in case they experience a mechanical problem during their commute.

BCAA is the first Automobile Association in North America to provide roadside assistance for members choosing pedal power over motor power. This is the fifth year BCAA has offered bicycle roadside assistance to all B.C. cyclists during Bike Month.

How to get assistance

Cyclists needing help can call BCAA Road Assist at 604-293-2222 (Lower Mainland), 1-800-222-4357 (rest of B.C.) or *222 by cell phone anywhere in B.C.

For more information on BCAA “Bike Assist” visit www.bcaa.com/bikeassist.

Criteria for BCAA “Bike Assist” during Bike Month

  • The cyclist must have experienced a mechanical breakdown, which includes any issue that makes the bike inoperable during a rider’s commute, such as a broken chain or flat tire. (No assistance will be provided to cyclists looking to avoid challenging terrain or inclement weather)
  • Manual (non-motorized) and hybrid bicycles are eligible for Bike Assist service
  • If the repair cannot be made at the site of the breakdown, the service technician will transport the cyclist and their bicycle a maximum of five kilometres to their destination or a bike repair shop
  • One cyclist can be accommodated at a time

For more road trip planning tips, online maps and travel books, visit bcaa.com/roadtrip. BCAA Members can also visit any BCAA location to speak with a Membership Specialist and have a BCAA Triptik® prepared and printed.