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Toronto, ON (April 12, 2011) – It can take less than 30 seconds for someone to steal a bike in broad daylight. Allstate Insurance Company of Canada wants to ensure that Canadian cyclists are doing enough to protect their bikes. While bike locks are a theft deterrent, they are not theft proof. Between bolt cutters and hacksaws, it doesn’t take long for an ill-willed person to pick out a bike, break through the lock and ride away with it.

A good quality bicycle lock is something every bike owner should absolutely invest in. But what else can be done?

“Bicycles are covered up to a certain dollar amount under your tenant or home insurance policy,” says Eric Michalko, official spokesperson for Allstate Canada. “If the bicycle’s value exceeds the maximum coverage amount, then you can buy an additional policy to cover the full value. It also doesn’t matter if the bike is stolen from your porch or off the street. With home or tenant insurance, the bike is covered no matter where the theft takes place.”

May is Bicycle Safety Month in Canada. “Cycling is a great fitness or recreation activity for Canadians of all ages,” adds Michalko. “But we want Canadians to know that there is more to bicycle safety than remembering to wear a helmet.”

To guarantee Canadians protect what they have today and to better prepare for tomorrow, Allstate Canada offers important advice that every cyclist should know:

  • Insured or not, you must have records of the manufacturer’s name and the model and serial numbers of your bicycle. If your bike is stolen, you will need this information in order to file a police report or insurance claim. It also helps to have a picture of you with your bike as proof of ownership.
  • Personalizing your bike can also act as a theft-deterrent. This makes it more difficult for thieves to resell it. Removing name brand decals or placing stickers or decals on your bike makes it unique and adds your own personal touch.
  • Make it impossible for a thief to ride away with your bike by removing the seat or the front wheel and take these parts with you when you lock your bike in a public place. It only takes a few moments and makes your bike undesirable to thieves.

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Source: Allstate Insurance Company of Canada

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