Web Wizards Inc.: Cross Sell Your Customers

How many policies would you like with that?

Think of every insurance retail location as a McDonalds drive-thru and how counter staff often asks �Would you like fries with that?� Sometimes all you need is a reminder.

Although cross �selling is no new technique, when applied to the insurance industry, especially in retail locations where there is opportunity to be face to face with clients, the value is evident. Brokerages will benefit from cross-selling to their current customers, if they track and manage it correctly.

It was clearly heard throughout this year�s ICTA conference that technology is moving quickly in the insurance industry. Productivity development and system integration is becoming integral for those who want to survive and thrive in a competitive market. So why not automate the cross-selling process?

Some Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) or front end staff may not always be comfortable with the cross-selling �sales� role, so integrating technology to assist with customer service is finally replacing the post it note.

If you are a CSR with great people skills, all is takes is great customer service and a little help from good management to ask for new business. Once you have the technology to automate and capture this communication, your sales staff will have a new database of leads with the ability to track and manage them through the sales cycle.

If you could ensure your staff asks current clients if they would like �another policy with that?�, wouldn�t you?

Web Wizards Inc.

This channel of communication for delivering cross-selling questions has been developed by Web Wizards Inc. It is called Insurance Lead Generator (ILG) and it has been improving efficiencies in lead capture and management for Manitoba brokerages since 2010. www.webwizards.ca