Profitability and Behavioral Segmentation Key to Asset Managers’ Optimizing Distribution

kasina introduces Intelligent Distribution framework for asset managers

New York, (March 1, 2011) – Asset management firms struggle to develop efficient distribution strategies, almost always leaving valuable dollars on the table, according to a new study from kasina. Intelligent Distribution: kasina’s Vision for Distribution, indicates that a total population of around 300,000 advisors presents numerous challenges for firms. Asset managers cannot possibly target all channels, all advisors, with all products. Geographic dispersion and different behaviors and preferences make an “all things to all people” strategy impractical. Therefore, firms need to be intelligent about distribution: what they position, to whom, and how.

As market growth slows and demographics signal an end to boomers shoveling cash into the markets, asset managers’ fund flows will increasingly have to come from stealing market share. “Intelligent distribution is a new approach to distribution at this unique and challenging time in our industry” says Steven Miyao, kasina’s CEO and co-founder. “The paradigm shift focuses on efficiency and profitability in developing products tailored to core competencies, segmenting advisors based on value and behavior, and mapping the firm’s resources to clients.”

The report delivers insights and analysis from interviews with senior sales executives from 16 asset management and insurance firms regarding their distribution efforts. The report presents a broad framework for how firms should be structuring their distribution efforts in a more targeted, efficient, and ultimately profitable manner.

Some of the specific issues addressed in this report include:

  • Flaws in the traditional distribution model
  • Positioning products to capitalize on core competencies and differentiating factors
  • Profitability segmentation to focus on high value intermediaries
  • Behavioral segmentation to discover how to target
  • Maximizing efficiency by tailoring service and support to segments

The report identifies key opportunities and recommendations for firms to:

  • Position products intelligently
  • Segment relationships based on future value to the firm
  • Sub-segment relationships based on target profile and behavior
  • Maximize profitability by mapping resources to segments

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