Brokers Remind Ontarians of the Dangers Associated with Distracted Driving

(Toronto, Ontario), February 23rd, 2011 – Today, the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) is applauding the Toronto Police Service on their “Last Call: Whatever You Have To Say Can Wait” campaign that highlighted the dangerous consequences associated while driving with a hand-held device. The campaign began on Monday, February 14th and concluded this past Sunday.

A recent study on the Ontario Ministry of Transportation’s website states that when a motorist is distracted for more than two seconds while driving their chances of being involved in a car collision doubles. It goes on to say that a motorist in operation of a cell phone or other hand-held entertainment device is four times more likely to be involved in a collision compared to that of a focused driver.

The province of Ontario banned the use of hand-held devices while driving in October 2009. Since the law was introduced, police across Ontario have ticketed close to 40,000 drivers.

“We are committed to informing Ontarians about the serious dangers involved with distracted driving,” stated IBAO CEO Randy Carroll. “The number of collisions caused at the fault of a distracted driver is alarming. We want Ontario drivers to realize the severe consequences associated while driving with a hand-held device.”

Ontario law states that it is illegal for motorists to talk, text, type, dial or email using hand-held cell phones and other hand-held communications and entertainment devices. Hands-free devices are allowed to be used only if the device is appropriately placed or mounted to the vehicle.

Insurance brokers are incredibly dedicated to their communities and are fully committed to informing Ontarians and keeping them safe.

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