New Report on services provided to brokers by voluntary carriers now available from Eastbridge

AVON, CONNECTICUT, USA (February 17, 2011) – Attracting brokers is no easy feat for most voluntary carriers, especially given the sheer number of carriers trying to attract a limited number of brokers. Providing top-rate products is an important factor, but it is often more of an expected standard rather than a key or lasting differentiator. That�s why many carriers today have turned to offering value-added services to help them catch the brokers� attention.

Eastbridge Consulting Group�s recently released report, Broker Services, studies the services offered to brokers by 18 voluntary carriers. The report looks at:

  • The most common services provided to brokers themselves
  • Those services that are not as common but differentiating
  • The services provided for brokers to offer to their clients
  • Data on who pays for the services offered to broker clients

With this information, carriers can compare their own broker services to those of others in the market.

The cost of the report is $750. To review a table of contents for the report, go to To purchase a copy, call (860) 676-9633 or email [email protected]

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