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Getting Started with Social Media: Be a good Listener

Social Media can be intimidating.  The language is unfamiliar, and the variations and options seem endless.  And  it seems there is a steep, and  time-consuming learning curve.  A recent article from Matt Marko, Marketing Process Manager for Progressive Insurance offers some clear (and time-saving) tips.

For example, here’s  Matt ‘s suggested starting point for time starved agents (which applies to a much wider group):

“Listen (1-2 hours a week) This should be the first step of any social media strategy. After you’ve set up your agency’s accounts on sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, study what people are saying on the platform. Check sites like Google Places or Yelp! for customer reviews of your agency. Friend your customers and follow their updates, track your competitors’ tweets, and watch how people respond. Note what’s working, record the questions and topics that dominate the conversation, and think through how you’d respond. ”

There is an old proverb which  says people are born with two ears and one mouth,  suggesting the relative importance of listening vs. talking.    This is further reinforcement.

The full article (with other good tips) is available on the IIABA ACT Website at: Social Media Time-Savers by Matt Marko