Moore-McLean Insurance Group Joins Intersure

Intersure Membership To Drastically Enhance Purchasing Power And Marketing Clout

As part of their newly developed ‘Only The Best’ vision, the Moore-McLean Insurance Group has aligned itself with over 40 leading Independent Insurance Brokers and Agents across North America as members of Intersure.

Intersure is a consortium of the finest brokerage firms in North America led by the best entrepreneurial and technical minds in the industry. This ‘think tank’ brings together the decision-makers within each company and is reserved only for those meeting the strictest standards to ensure the highest level of performance for clients. Members meet on a regular basis throughout the year to discuss trends, successes, failures and best practices.

The overriding goal of Intersure is to allow members to freely exchange information aimed at improving client service, enhancing employee satisfaction and elevating brokerage position. Members have a vested interest in working together to anticipate future developments within the industry and to leverage their combined $4.5 billion in annual premiums to proactively develop solutions for members and clients alike. For more information on Intersure, visit or email [email protected]

About The Moore-McLean Insurance Group

The Moore-McLean Insurance Group, comprised of more than 60 professionals and a portfolio of business in excess of $55 million in premiums, is one of the largest truly independent brokers in Canada. As trusted insurance advisors to their clients, they bring value to the relationship beyond the transaction of insurance, and function as an extension of their client�s organization by providing Solutions Beyond Insurance – a variety of programs managed by experts in virtually every area of risk business will face. For more information on Moore-McLean Insurance Group, visit or email [email protected]