Advocis ready to help implement Financial Literacy Task Force recommendations

February 9, 2011 – Toronto � Advocis, The Financial Advisors Association of Canada, fully supports all recommendations in the final report of The Task Force on Financial Literacy (Task Force) released today. The outcomes are comprehensive and far-reaching and will put the issue of financial literacy directly in front of stakeholders. Advocis will do everything in its power to help carry out the Task Force’s recommendations.

“Financial advisors and planners help their clients make fully informed financial and investment decisions,” said Advocis Board Chair Robert McCullagh. “An important part of an advisor’s job is to help educate and in the process elevate their clients’ level of financial literacy. The recommendations of The Task Force take what we already do to the next level. We’re delighted.”

Two of the Task Force report’s key priorities in particular � shared responsibility and lifelong learning � are directly relevant to Canadian financial advisors and planners. Financial services practitioners are embracing the role of financial literacy educators, and are in favour of implementing Task Force recommendations that will help Canadians gain the knowledge, skills and confidence they need in order to make sound financial decisions.

The Task Force believes that financial education is lifelong, and that Canadians must be active participants in their financial futures. Long-term relationships between financial advisors and their clients help ensure that consumers have a steady, reliable source of information and guidance at every step in their financial life.

“We are very proud that Advocis President and CEO Greg Pollock is a member of the Task Force,” added McCullagh. “I know that as a licensed teacher, Certified Financial Planner and head of the largest voluntary membership association of financial advisors and planners in Canada, [Greg] brings a valuable and unique perspective to the table.”

About Advocis

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