Capgemini 2011 World Insurance Report: Reducing Operational Costs and Improving Agility

As underwriting ratios rise, insurers have opportunities to reduce operational expenses and improve business agility reveals World Insurance Report

New Agility Model Identifies the Most Important Levers to Pull for Sustained Growth

January, 2011 – The financial crisis provided insurers with a stark reminder that they cannot rely on investment income to deliver results. It has forced insurers to refocus on the core drivers of operational excellence, especially the factors that drive underwriting ratios, to achieve sustained growth.

At the same time, customers are willing and able to research coverage and switch providers easily, their preferences are changing and their expectations are high. And shifts are under way in several other areas-from regulation and risk management to competition and technology. Given these realities, insurers must be able to adapt to shifting conditions quickly and effectively. By identifying where and when business agility-a quick and appropriate response to important environmental and business shifts- is critical to success, insurers can solidify customer relationships and further drive sustained financial performance.

The 2011 World Insurance Report from Capgemini and the European Financial Management and Marketing Association (Efma) explores ways insurers can dissect their business to identify opportunities for making fundamental and lasting operational improvements. The report’s findings draw on 58 interviews with senior executives from leading global insurers, covering 14 countries.

Download the full report now to discover:

  • Emerging efficiency trends among insurers in each market
  • How to use Capgemini’s proprietary Business Agility Maturity Model to identify the most critical areas to achieve business agility
  • The six key levers of front office agility
  • The ten key levers of claims agility
  • Targeted areas for improvement in claims management
  • The potential for insurers to improve customer retention and acquisition, process efficiency and effectiveness, and risk/indemnity management by transforming claims processing.

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