Visitor Health Insurance: Helps to take the worry out of travelling for your family and friends

December, 2010 – Whether it’s relatives from Lisbon coming over for a wedding or an old friend from Beijing who wants to experience The Great White North, Canadians love to welcome visitors to our fair country. Why not offer them security as well as your hospitality by pre-purchasing travel insurance to cover their stay in Canada?

Sickness or injury can strike at any time, and health care costs in Canada can be expensive for non-residents. Nothing spoils a long-anticipated family reunion like a stay in the hospital and unplanned medical bills. And the fact is- it can be difficult to find suitable travel insurance in many countries.

You can help make things simpler for your visitors by purchasing their travel insurance from a Canadian provider. Canadian Tire, for example, endorses a “Visitors to Canada” package through its financial services division. “Consider the benefits,” notes Karen Bell, Canadian Tire Financial Services manager of insurance marketing. “It’s easier for Canadian insurance companies to deal with the Canadian health care system – after all, they are more familiar with the system’s practices and procedures.” Additionally, “when dealing with a Canadian company, your friends and family won’t have to worry about time delays or long-distance communications – they can rest assured that they have a local claims representative working to make sure they get the care they need.”

There are several options available to ensure your friends and family receive the coverage they need when visiting Canada. Visit to find a plan that’s right for their needs.