Snowbirds should make sure all their ducks are in a row when it comes to travel insurance

December 8 2010 – Canadian Snowbirds continue to head to hot spots like Florida, Arizona and the Caribbean during the frigid winter months in order to swing a golf club rather than push a snow shovel.

As Canada�s population ages and more people retire, the number of Snowbirds is expected to grow. Though many retirees may already be seasoned travellers, today�s new snow �chickadees� may not be so experienced and could consequently be unfamiliar with the benefits of travel insurance.

Travel insurance is something every vacationing retiree should investigate and plan to purchase � it will help protect you when the unexpected happens, and help put you and your family�s mind at ease so you can enjoy your adventures,� says Dr. Brian Aw, MD, CCFP, CTH, and International Travel Clinic Physician. �Along with your passport, it is a crucial document that you need.�

Purchased prior to the trip, travel insurance can help cover medical expenses, accommodation expenses and other losses that may be incurred while travelling domestically or internationally. Various types of plans are available and can help cover lost or stolen baggage, trip cancellations or interruptions.

It is particularly important for Snowbirds to purchase travel medical insurance if they have pre-existing medical conditions, to help protect them whether travelling down south or to more far-flung destinations.

Traveling to an exotic destination can put us at a greater risk of encountering an illness our body does not have the antibodies to fight off. Plus, getting sick or injured in a foreign country is not the ideal way to spend your vacation � not only does it cut into time spent by the pool, but it can cost thousands of dollars for transportation, medical treatment and medication.

For many, the golden years will mean seeing the world and experiencing adventure, and with a little planning and foresight, they may be able to do just that.

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