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Welcome to The Interesection: An Blog

Welcome to The Intersection, an Blog.

Since 1995, has been devoted to providing technology/insurance content through its web site, seminars, conference, and newsletters.  The website has become a meeting  point for insurance and technology professionals and consumers.  The Intersection is intended to extend the distribution and expand the content, Hence the sub-title:  Where Canadian Technology & Insurance Travellers Meet.

First, we will use The Intersection to add content which doesn’t nicely fit elsewhere and to elaborate on news with views, counterpoints, etc.

We will also use the Blog for some new, original content that is developing with some key partners.  Stay tuned for that!

At the same time, we hope you will use The Intersection to better give us your opinions.  We will seek this with surveys and questionnaires.  We also welcome comments and suggestions on  postings.

We will moderate the comments, but only to take out direct solicitation , derogatory  comments, slander, libel, spam, and items of bad taste.  Beyond that, the floor is yours.

We’ve been trying our hand at this for a while and have retained archives for a month or so from our launch.  You’re welcome to browse the archives.  It’s not perfect, and we expect to change … Based on your feedback.

Thanks for your interest.  We are looking forward to where we go … from The Intersection. BlogEditor