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Employees’ Home Technology Trumping Work Tools?

We recently commented on research indicating that an increasing number of organizations are accommodating employees bringing personal technology to work.  More evidence is surfacing that there is general employee dissatisfaction in Canada with current tools as compared with those available personally.  Further, within the insurance industry in the US, it seems that there is pressure building at least  from  young independent insurance agents.

A recent survey sponsored by Microsoft Canada, reported in IT World Canada, indicated that “75% of Canadians believe that businesses limit their access to talent by not offering options that allow them to work outside offices.”

On the insurance front, Jeff Yates, Executive Director of the influential Agents Council for Technology committee of the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers  of America, sent a note to a wide audience recently on general technology trends. In commenting on  employees’ desire to use technology at work that they have in their personal lives, Yates states:   “we hear this all the time from young agents”.

Clearly, Insurance IT professionals have legitimate security and support issues with ‘foreign’ technology’, but there appears to be a groundswell forming that will require a coherent response.

What do you think?