Five travel tips for your next quick trip

December, 2010 – Hitting the shops in New York City or Seattle? Planning on tailgating at an NFL game south of the border? Is your child heading out of the province for a class trip? Whatever you or your family’s next day or weekend trip may be, follow these five simple steps to make sure the time away is enjoyable and safe:

  1. Lighten the load: Open up your bag and pull out five things. If you’re only going for a quick jaunt, chances are you won’t need that extra pair of shoes or a hairdryer – besides, it leaves you a little extra room for a few more souvenirs.
  2. Insure yourself: Many day trippers don’t think to purchase it, but travel insurance is a must, even if you leave the country for the day. If your personal belongings are stolen, or much worse, you become sick or injured and don’t have a proper travel insurance plan, you might incur significant medical bills. To find a travel insurance plan that’s right for you, visit
  3. When in Rome do as the Romans do: If you’re looking for a nice restaurant or a scenic view, ask your cab driver or the hotel staff. They live there, after all.
  4. Check your wait times: If you’re heading to the U.S. for an afternoon of shopping, check to see what the border wait times are (many websites update the times regularly). If you have the option to choose between multiple crossings, you can spend less time in the car and more time in the mall.
  5. Children travelling without their parents: If you’re bringing your children and their friends down to the U.S. for a sporting event or an afternoon out, make sure you have a written letter from the other children’s parents stating their consent as well as their contact information. In general, make sure everyone you travel with has contact information with them in case you get separated.