Transports Canada: Are You Ready to Face the Rigours of Winter?

OTTAWA, Nov. 25 2010 – Transport Canada would like to remind Canadians to be prepared for winter driving and to drive safely throughout the coming season. Ice- and snow-covered roads can be a challenge for drivers, so give yourself every advantage by preparing yourself and your vehicle before setting out on Canadian roads this winter.

You can reduce the chance of collision and help improve road safety by following these Transport Canada safety tips:

  • Install winter tires on all wheels for winter driving. Winter tires provide better traction, give you better control over your vehicle, and increase stability in slippery and snowy conditions.
  • Make sure that tire valves are equipped with caps to keep out snow and ice.
  • Check tire pressure at least once a month, preferably after the vehicle has been parked outside overnight because tire pressure decreases as the temperature drops.
  • Clear the snow and ice off your vehicle so you can see properly while driving.
  • Be prepared for black ice, which occurs more often in shaded areas and is difficult to see.
  • Be cautious on bridges and highway overpasses, which freeze quickly and remain frozen longer than other sections of the road.
  • Give yourself extra distance to stop, as roads may be icy.
  • Do not use cruise (speed) control in slippery conditions.
  • Check weather conditions before setting out on extended trips and allow for extra travel time when weather is bad.
  • Don’t drive impaired by alcohol, drugs or fatigue — you need to be fully alert to drive safely.
  • Dress properly — wear warm clothing.
  • Carry a winter emergency kit.
  • Bring a cell phone for emergency purposes but never use it while driving. Stay focused on driving and avoid other distractions as well.

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