Globe and Mail’s 2010 Insurance Trends Report

Nov 24 2010 – The Globe and Mail special report on Insurance Trends was published today as part of the Report on Business Section. It covered a number of topics in both the Life and Health and Property and Casualty sectors.

Canadians are fortunate in having a stable insurance industry which provides a wide range of competitive products which will protect against the loss of almost anything. The topics addressed in some detail include:

  • insuring what is important to you
  • travel insurance
  • careers in insurance
  • pensions
  • storm damage
  • safe driving

As in most industries and in our personal lives, technology increasingly touches everything. Insurance addresses technology in two ways, as assets and services which their customers wish to insure, and as a way of improving customer service and competitiveness.

One article in this report “Modern technology improving insurer�s service, customer satisfaction and bottom line” by Patrick Vice, Frank Cowan Company Limited (and and Doug Grant, can be read here.

The complete Globe and Mail Insurance Trends Report 2010 can be read here.

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