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But It Followed Me to Work

A hot topic among IT and HR managers is the trend for workers to bring their own personal technology to work, and expect to incorporate it seamlessly into their tool kit. Although the jury is very much out, it seems that a number of organizations are accepting this trend as inevitable, and looking to make the best out of it. Some new research from Info-Tech Research Group suggests that 83% of organizations they recently surveyed were allowing employees to bring personal technology to work.

Source:Info-Tech Research Group

Info-Tech counsels that this trend is unstoppable and suggests that organizations be proactive in dealing with risks, and looking for benefits.

What about you? Are you or your colleagues bringing your technology to work? Is your organizations establishing policies around this? Any tips to others?

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Jeremy Pilon

I work in General Claims and I know that most of the people here use personal Blackberries/Smartphones to keep in touch with contractors and fellow adjusters when out of the office, Google Maps to look up claim addresses and other applications such as calendars and text messaging to make things run more smoothly.

While the phones are not necessary to our work, thus why we aren’t provided, it does make things easier and more efficient. Calls can wait and roadmaps do the job, but a smartphone makes it all happen much faster and saves trips back to the office to call someone.

While I am aware of no policies concerning this, I know personally I avoid contacting insured with my personal phone as a way to protect myself and I don’t use my phone for anything that I would feel is counter to our privacy or ethics rules.

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