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Are You Having Too Much Success Exhibiting @ Trade Shows?

If you seem to be having too much success when you exhibit at trade shows (getting too many leads, having too many people come directly to your booth, etc.), you should read:

11 ways to ensure you have a results-free trade show at the InfoExecutive Web Site.

It is a whimsical list of suggestions to prevent conference attendees from stopping at your booth (or noticing your presence at all). Example:

3. Ignore people who approach your booth

They hesitated, likely because they’re afraid of you giving them a big sales pitch. So don’t give them one.

When two of you are in the booth with one attendee in front of you, ignore any other attendee who walks up to you and obviously wants to talk.

Focus on the conversation already going on. The new person might learn something.

Chances are the new arrival only wants a free pen or toy. She’d never want to interview you for free editorial publicity to her 100,000 magazine readers… let alone buy your product or service.