kasina Releases Study of Top 5 Institutional Web Sites

Goldman Sachs takes top spot again, providing unparalleled analytics and customization

New York, (November 2, 2010) – Superior content and client support, informative presentation of product innovations, and global representation that showcases a consistent brand worldwide set apart the top institutional Web sites in 2010.

In the 2010 study of Top 5 Institutional Web Sites, kasina found that leading asset managers are helping institutional investors grapple with the radically different landscape that is the legacy of the financial crisis which began two years ago. Subsequent attention and regulation are driving institutional investors to demonstrate more responsible and active ownership. Consultants, pension plans, endowments/foundations, and other institutional investors expect comprehensive research and customized reporting to meet more stringent requirements. Asset managers have opportunities to leverage technology to extend traditionally high-touch relationship management online.

“Institutional investors’ expectations of an online experience are shaped by what they see on other sites they use for personal or business reasons. Yet, institutional sites in general do not measure up,” says kasina Principal Eric Daugherty. “As consultants and institutional investors conduct research, the place they go after isolating products or strategies is the asset manager’s Web site. If the firm fails to meet online expectations for top-notch thought leadership and research and customized reporting, the opportunity to gain potentially large assets may be lost without the asset manager ever knowing. Considering that institutional clients are enormously profitable to serve, asset managers need to focus on getting their institutional sites to the same level of quality as their retail and advisor sites.”

kasina identified the 5 Web sites among 22 asset managers within the institutional space based on a three-tier methodology that objectively measures Availability of Content, Quality of Content, and User Experience.

The top 5 firms are:

Ranking Firm
1 Goldman Sachs
2 Alliance Bernstein
4 Russell Investments
5 DB Advisors

For more information on the full report, “2010 Top 5 Institutional Web Sites,” visit www.kasina.com

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