Compu-Quote: ezITV 2010 IS NOW AVAILABLE!

October 20, 2010 – Windsor, Ontario � The new update to the popular and versatile ezITV residential replacement cost valuation tool is now available!

ezITV 2010 accesses the eValue-EVS� cost engine via a web service ensuring users receive the most current information and industry data, alleviating worries about processing updates.

�One of our primary goals was to enhance ezITV 2010 without making it too different from the current tool,� says Philippe Joassin, Vice President Sales & Business Development. �Although ezITV 2010 looks and functions like the original program, it provides many more options to the user such as additional building types, exterior siding choices, enhanced garages and extensive help files, which are continuously being updated.�

Compu-Quote offers a new series of seminars to provide complete training on the new ezITV 2010. Seminars will take place throughout Canada in the Fall 2010 and Early 2011 and will be accredited in all provinces.

�The changes to ezITV 2010 will help brokers and carriers meet their customer demands and keep their services as up to date as possible,� says Todd W. Rissel, President of e2Value Inc. �The new tool delivers a level of standardization, consistency and accuracy the modern insurance market demands. We are proud of our partnership with Compu-Quote and are excited about ezITV 2010 delivering the results the market demands.�

To get the new ezITV 2010, contact Compu-Quote and our support staff will assist you to complete the upgrade.

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