KANA Raises the Bar for Service Experience Management with the Release of KANA SEM 11

Design-Orchestrate-Listen Methodology Delivers Total Control Over Service Experience

Warwickshire, England – October 04, 2010 – KANA Software, Inc., a world leader in software solutions for Service Experience Management (SEM), today announced the release of KANA SEM 11, latest version of the industry’s first service experience management (SEM) platform for managing the entire customer service experience. KANA’s SEM platform helps major corporations and institutions balance the demands of their business with the needs of the customer. KANA SEM 11 introduces the industry’s first platform that incorporates a Design-Orchestrate-Listen methodology which enables corporations to provide multi-channel contextual support built on knowledge infused customer service processes. The announcement was made at the KANA European Customer Summit in England where KANA’s enterprise customers have convened to collaborate with industry peers, share best practices and hear from industry leaders on how to take control of the service experience.

“The apex of the dot com boom came a decade ago, an era that introduced a disruptive new way of selling to and servicing customers online. However, it’s been 10 years since then but the evolution of customer service has stagnated,” said Mark Angel, CTO of KANA. “Today, products and services are less differentiated than they used to be, social media deeply influences our purchase habits and companies must rely on customer service to stand out from the crowd.”

In a report from Gartner “Key Issues for CRM Customer Service Strategies,” published March 2010, Michael Maoz VP Distinguished Analyst noted “Customer service accounts for the majority of customer interactions over the lifetime of the customer relationship. Properly delivered, customer service plays a critical role in driving retention. The retention of a customer is the major driver of growth in the lifetime value of a customer to most organizations.”

Angel continued “Our experience working with large banks, telecommunication service providers and retailers has given us unique insight into the challenges of providing service using traditional technologies. The main issue is that business owners don’t have the tools they need to control the service experience. Even more importantly, this insight has enabled us to build a technology platform that fundamentally changes how customer service organizations can achieve their goals. That’s the promise SEM delivers with its latest release.”

KANA’s Design-Orchestrate-Listen (DOL) methodology

KANA’s DOL methodology enables customer service organizations to design, control and improve the experience around specific needs � balancing the needs of the enterprise with the needs of its customers. By creating a technology safety net for the customer service organization, KANA’s clients can orchestrate the service experience with people, process and technology. Enhancing the technology foundation established with its previous release, KANA SEM 11 provides:

  • Enhanced design capabilities, allowing users to create a rich user interface and easily map events and actions to services resulting in dynamic applications. New validation capabilities make it easier for users to easily identify any design issues before they deploy their service processes.
  • New orchestration capabilities, allowing support for document intensive processes in addition to knowledge infused service processes. SEM 11 also supports unstructured case management processes to address the unpredictable nature of cases received by knowledge workers. Adaptive Desktop provides all the contextual information needed by the agent. The information and UI changes in real time as the customer interaction progresses.
  • Expanded customer listening capabilities, making it easier for customer service organizations to listen to customers and to react to changing demands based on a flexible data store for customer service analytics and reporting.

Faster Implementation

KANA SEM 11 will considerably shorten the implementation time for corporations to deploy new customer service applications through:

  • Ease of design with a rich library of out-of-box and reusable components that accelerate time to deployment.
  • Visual events and data mapping tools that give business analysts the ability to create and/or model the process flow and agent desktop.
  • Support for unstructured service processes that allow users to avoid the issue of pre-defining all the permutations and combinations of paths that a service interaction may require.

The release of KANA SEM 11 is available immediately from KANA.

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