Industrial Alliance Expands Product Offer to Car Dealers

In the Market of Extended Warranties for Used Cars

QUEBEC CITY, Oct. 1, 2010 – Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc. (“Industrial Alliance”) announced today the signing of an agreement to acquire all the outstanding shares of privately-owned National Warranties MRWV Limited (“National Warranty”), located in Laval. The transaction was carried out through the Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary IA Pacific (“IAP”).

National Warranty sells extended warranties predominately through independent used car dealers in the province of Quebec. National Warranty has about 20 employees and approximately $6 million in annual premiums.

Gr�gory Veilleux, President of National Warranty, is pleased with the transaction and wishes to assure clients, employees and business partners that everything will stay the same. “We’ll continue to offer the same high quality service to our customers, with the highest respect for the extended warranties in effect. All our employees will stay with the company and continue to benefit from the same working environment,” he said.

“This agreement with National Warranty builds upon our growing creditor insurance business by enhancing our product portfolio and giving us access to the used car dealer market,” said Gerry Bouwers, President and Chief Operating Officer of IAP. “It is estimated that used cars will represent close to 70% of all light vehicle sales in Canada by 2013 and that the demand for extended warranties will grow accordingly.”

The amount of the transaction between IAP and National Warranty was not disclosed. In the short term, this acquisition will have a neutral effect on Industrial Alliance’s earnings per share.

About Industrial Alliance

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