Compu-Quote Announces Release of Enhanced iClarify Validation Services to Ontario Brokers

Toronto, ON � September 27, 2010 – Compu-Quote announced today the second release of iClarify validation services for Ontario Brokers. The new release contains a number of user interface developments including a significant enhancement in risk address selection and searching which in effect, has improved the service for rural brokers.

�During the past 90 days or so we have studied the Broker feedback from over 700 Brokers across Ontario processing over 120,000 iClarify transactions,� says James Nickelo, Senior Vice President of Compu-Quote Inc. �We were pleased to see that Brokers in urban areas were reporting over 90 percent accuracy in terms of correct images and dwelling details. Rural dwellings proved to be a greater challenge and this release focused on refining the address location and provides �progressive address building� just like the GPS in your car. That should significantly improve success rates.�

Greg McCutcheon, President of SCM Risk Management Services says, �We have worked together to deliver an even better solution with this release. In addition to improving rural addressing, it will deliver a more robust user interface to showcasing significantly more images and allow the Broker to view the risk and the surrounding neighbourhood through streetscape as if they were standing in front of the dwelling.�

iClarify Broker Validation Services is a co-operative development between Compu-Quote, RMS and iLOOKABOUT. The service utilizes leading edge technology to retrieve street level and satellite images along with information on 12 critical dwelling data elements in real time.

The service accesses public and proprietary databases containing millions of records in order to validate information being entered by the broker regarding a risk. This includes the largest repositories of total loss claims and inspection data nation-wide along with imagery from iLOOKABOUT, Canada�s largest database of accurate residential photographs.

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