Young Drivers Are 41% More Likely to Make Claims: Aviva

Aviva emphasizes the importance of driver training, especially as cooler weather approaches

September 14, 2010 – (Toronto, ON) – With high schools, colleges and universities back in session, Aviva Canada Inc., one of the country’s leading providers of home, auto, recreational vehicle, group and business insurance, reminds young drivers and their parents about the importance of proper driving education and road safety.

While graduated licensing programs have now been implemented in every Canadian province, Aviva Canada’s insurance claims data[i] shows a 41 per cent higher rate of claims among young and new drivers. “It’s something that isn’t a surprise to most of us. When you combine a less experienced driver with someone who is also more susceptible to taking risks, as a higher percentage of young people are, the result is more collisions,” said Mauro Convertini, Vice President of Auto Claims, Aviva Canada. “But there are ways to minimize young and new driver accidents, and it starts with proper driver training,” he continued.

Reinforcing the importance of training, Aviva data also shows that young and new drivers who received certified driver education are involved in 26 per cent fewer accidents in the three years following the training. This is perhaps even more significant considering the average claim cost for a young or new driver is $8,661. That’s 44 per cent higher than a driver with more experience.

The days of the week also show some interesting patterns with respect to young and new driver claims, with Sunday seeing the fewest occurrences and the instance steadily increasing to a peak on Friday, where an accident is 52 per cent more likely to occur. “Proper driver training is vital, but practicing with an experienced driver is the key to reducing collisions,” Convertini added.

Aviva Claim Data by Province


Young/New Driver Claim Frequency vs. Experienced Drivers

Average Claim Cost for Young/New Driver

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“Parents can’t just rely on a driving instructor to teach their teenagers the rules of the road – they need to lead by example and practice safe, defensive driving every time they are behind the wheel.”

Aviva Canada suggests the following tips for parents with young drivers:

  • Don’t rely entirely on a driving instructor to teach your teen the rules of the road. Parents should regularly practice driving with their teenagers.
  • Educate your teen about the dangers of drinking and driving. Forty per cent of young drivers who are killed in road crashes have been drinking.
  • Be an example for your teenager behind the wheel. Stick to the speed limit, wear your seat belt and be a defensive driver.
  • Encourage your teen to not text, instant message or talk on their mobile phone (even through Bluetooth) while driving. Distracted driving is dangerous.

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