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Nearly nine in 10 senior-level marketers consider coordination important

SEPTEMBER 8, 2010 – Brand engagement can happen anywhere�a fact recognized by the US senior-level marketers surveyed by integrated marketing solutions provider Alterian, 60% of whom said most customer engagement happens both online and offline. The rest of the respondents were split evenly between the two. Customers likewise indicate that they expect several touchpoints with a brand. Nearly 80% of web users surveyed in Q2 2009 by ATG said they used at least two channels to conduct product research.

This points to the crucial nature of coordinating marketing campaigns across multiple channels to create engagement wherever possible with an integrated message. Marketers responding to Alterian’s survey recognized the importance of such campaign integration; nearly 90% called it vital or extremely so.

But achieving marketing integration can be difficult. According to US online marketers surveyed in June by interactive marketing agency Zeta Interactive, their organizational structure was the top problem, suggesting many companies are still keeping marketing activities siloed rather than working to coordinate them. Technology and the problems of working with multiple vendors and agencies were also an issue, along with a simple lack of cross-channel expertise.

The goals of cross-channel campaigns are ones shared by virtually all marketers. A June survey of North American retail executives by RIS found the top priorities of their cross-channel marketing efforts were to increase conversion and acquire new customers.

Marketers must overcome their own organizations’ hurdles to cross-channel integration to more effectively achieve such goals, breaking down structural silos and educating themselves about integrated marketing best practices to overcome remaining logistical challenges and achieve coordinated campaigns.

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