Nova Scotians Prepare for Hurricane Earle – Insurance Brokers Association of Nova Scotia Advises Nova Scotians about the Importance of Being Prepared for Emergencies

HALIFAX, Aug 31 2010 – The Insurance Brokers Association of Nova Scotia would like to remind Nova Scotians about the importance of being prepared for emergencies and in particular hurricanes. With hurricane season upon us it is imperative that everyone take steps to be ready in the event one touches upon Nova Scotia.

“Hurricanes are powerful storms that have devastating impacts on people, property and the environment. It is vital to know how to respond when a hurricane strikes,” says Ken Myers, President, IBANS.

The following tips from the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction should be reviewed to prepare for the event of a hurricane:

If you are indoors

  • Stay indoors, away from glassed areas.
  • Turn on a battery-operated radio and listen for the latest emergency information.
  • If told to leave, take your disaster safety kit and go immediately to the designated shelter. Be sure to follow the recommended evacuation routes – never take shortcuts.
  • If in a mobile home, get out and seek shelter elsewhere.
  • If power is lost, turn down major appliances to reduce power “surge” when electricity is restored.

If you are outdoors

  • If possible, get inside a building.
  • If there is no shelter, lie down in a ditch or ravine.
  • Use your arms to protect your head and neck.
  • Stay away from bridges and overpasses.

If you are in a vehicle

  • Immediately stop the car and turn off the engine.
  • Get out of the vehicle and seek shelter in a building, ditch or ravine. Become familiar with your community’s hurricane warning system. Every member of your family should know what to do when a hurricane warning or watch is released. Learn about the disaster safety plans in the workplace and at your home.
  • Myers says, “Being prepared and knowing what to do in the event of an emergency is the key to safety. Take the time to share these valuable tips with your family as being prepared will save lives.”

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