Desjardins Offers Fuel-Efficient Vehicle Owners a Discount

Lévis, Quebec, August 30, 2010 – Desjardins General Insurance, Quebec’s number 1 insurer, is once again showing its strong commitment to sustainable development by launching the new Green Discount in Quebec. This discount allows fuel-efficient vehicle owners to reduce their automobile insurance premium by 10%.

The Green Discount is available for all new insurance quotes for fuel-efficient vehicles. To be eligible, vehicles must meet fuel-efficiency criteria set by Desjardins General Insurance based on the Fuel Consumption Guide published by National Resources Canada. Owners of fuel-efficient vehicles already insured with Desjardins General Insurance will automatically get the Green Discount when their policy renews.

For Desjardins General Insurance, Quebec’s leading insurer and a socially responsible company, the launch of the Green Discount is confirmation of the company’s commitment to doing its part for the environment. “We’re very proud to have developed a product that rewards our clients’ responsible attitude and good driving habits. We will continue to focus on sustainable development in the coming years,” says Denis Dubois, Vice-President of Market Development.

Increased Discount for Hybrid Vehicles

There is also good news for hybrid vehicle owners, who previously benefited from a 10% discount on their automobile insurance premium. With the Green Discount, they will now enjoy savings of 15%.

About Desjardins General Insurance

Desjardins General Insurance, Quebec’s leading P&C insurer, is a subsidiary of Desjardins General Insurance Group and a member of Desjardins Group. DGI sells home and auto insurance products to individuals and businesses through the largest network of agents in Quebec.

About Desjardins Group

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