Understanding Your Car Insurance Choices in Ontario

TORONTO, June 22 2010 – Today marks the official launch of MyChoiceCarInsurance.ca, a new website designed to help assist Ontario drivers make sense of their automobile insurance choices. This site comes to the aid of consumers just in time, as government-mandated changes affecting car insurance arrive on September 1st of this year.

Created by The Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company (The Dominion), MyChoiceCarInsurance.ca helps the average consumer ask the right car insurance questions, and make more informed car insurance choices.

  • “We have a good healthcare system – what does my car insurance cover that healthcare doesn’t?”
  • “What does the average injury sustained in a car accident really cost?”
  • “How much coverage is enough?”

Drivers will ask these questions and more as Ontario car insurance undergoes reforms aimed at controlling claims costs, stabilizing premiums and offering more choice to consumers. Seeking answers, visitors to MyChoiceCarInsurance.ca are guided through what being injured in a car accident can cost, and how these expenses relate to the available Accident Benefits insurance coverage, including:

  • an overview of four types of car accidents and the expenses that might follow;
  • detailed case studies providing a closer look at what an injury can cost;
  • an interactive chart of the optional coverages; and
  • ASK THE DOMINION, a blog/FAQ through which visitors can ask their questions and have them answered on the site.

“Ontario drivers now have to understand much more about insurance, and the various available coverages, than they did in the past,” says George Cooke, The Dominion’s President and CEO. “MyChoiceCarInsurance.ca is about educating consumers – regardless of whether or not we happen to insure them – starting the conversation that continues with professional advice from an independent insurance broker.”

As drivers receive informational mailings over the summer and existing insurance policies come up for renewal, The Dominion expects heavy traffic at MyChoiceCarInsurance.ca through September 1, 2010 and beyond.

About The Dominion

Canadian owned and operated since 1887, today The Dominion is one of the country’s largest property and casualty insurers. The Dominion takes pride in providing Canadians with confidence that the cars, homes and businesses they value are protected. A fierce advocate for consumer interests, The Dominion is committed to making sure the insurance system works best for consumers. The Dominion strongly believes consumers should have access to independent, professional advisors, who provide advocacy and choice, which is why they distribute their products exclusively through independent brokers. The Dominion’s priority is to earn and maintain the trust and loyalty of policyholders, employees and business partners. Visit thedominion.ca.