MIB Solutions’ Audit Focus with lab data provides sharper insights into excess mortality risk

Braintree, MA. (June 16, 2010) � MIB Solutions, Inc. announces that Audit Focus, its risk management product that provides life insurers with a comprehensive view of excess mortality risk in their newly issued policies, will now incorporate lab data. The addition of key lab test results delivers more discriminating precision when evaluating mortality risk exposure, particularly in an insurers� best risk classes.

�Audit Focus is the industry standard for systematically quantifying mortality risk in new business,� said Brian Millman, MIB Solution�s director of new business development. �Its 100 percent review of new business provides underwriting insights unattainable from a random selection of cases. By including specified lab test results, we are adding a quantifiable data source that allows companies to evaluate their mortality risk with greater precision than ever before. Now insurers can see a more refined set of �high-risk� cases, particularly in their best risk classes where underwriting risk tolerances are extremely narrow and product profit margins are at their thinnest.�

Companies can customize the information they receive via Audit Focus to best measure how their underwriting practices actually adhere to � or diverge from � company guidelines. Audit Focus with lab data identifies �severity bands� for appropriate kinds of tests, showing whether an applicant�s results are just slightly beyond a company�s limits or severely out of bounds.

�This lets companies focus any additional investigation on those �high-risk� cases where the risk potential is the greatest,� said Tom King, vice president, new market sales. �Lab data further strengthens Audit Focus� unique ability to identify lesser risks that scale up across a book of business when viewed in aggregate. For example, identifying instances where multiple lab tests for a policyholder are marginally beyond limits, but when considered together may be meaningful. Or by viewing concentrations of �high-risk� policies by variables such as risk class or face amount that negatively impact underwriting performance and can easily go unobserved without Audit Focus.�

�Many commonly used tests, such as those that measure blood pressure or cholesterol are very effective in quantifying excess risk. With this enhancement, Audit Focus becomes an even more precise tool for helping companies better manage mortality risk in their underwriting,� said King.

About MIB Solutions

MIB Solutions, Inc. markets products that help insurance companies make better underwriting and risk management decisions. Its offerings include products that reduce applicant fraud for health plans, insurers and life reinsurers; products that enhance underwriting productivity and enterprise risk management; and actuarial analytics that provide an industry-wide perspective for compliance and business decisions. For more information, visit www.mibsolutions.com. MIB Solutions, Inc. is a subsidiary of the MIB Group, Inc.

About Audit Focus

Audit Focus is provided by MIB Solutions, Inc. exclusively to members of MIB Group, Inc. for assessing and managing their life underwriting risk and not to determine the eligibility of individuals for insurance or benefits. Audit Focus reports are only generated on recently issued policies for which applicants authorized the use of MIB, Inc.’s fraud detection service known as the �MIB Checking Service.�

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MIB Group, Inc. is the premier provider of Internet-based information and knowledge services to the risk management market in North America and is a leading facilitator of electronic insurance commerce.