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36% of e-Business Teams Anchored to Corporate Distribution Strategy
kasina’s latest study highlights opportunity for e-Business teams to demonstrate explicit business impact

New York, (June 15, 2010) – After an average of nine years of tenure, the majority of e-Business teams at asset management firms still have huge opportunities available to drive the bottom line, according to kasina’s latest report, Optimizing the Role of e-Business. Only 39% of teams develop business plans, and 35% measure whether they meet revenue or cost targets. When asked to categorize planned initiatives for 2010, firms indicated that only 31% contain a direct link to the firm’s bottom line.

“e-business is more vital than ever in a marketplace where firms compete fiercely to optimize distribution of their products”, says Julia Binder, Senior Research Analyst, and primary author of the study. “The e-Business team should be anchored firmly to the heart of the firm’s distribution strategy. But, too many teams operate in a comfort zone of site redesign and process management when they need to be focused on demonstrating impact to the bottom line. There is too much focus on the e- in e-business, and not enough on the business impact. With 80% of advisors using asset managers’ public sites and 90% accessing advisor sites (according to kasina’s upcoming What Advisors Do Online 2010 report), the economics of improving e-Business team performance and output is compelling.

Optimizing the Role of e-Business examines the current state of e-Business teams in the industry and presents the kasina maturity model for their evolution. For each maturity stage:

  • Initial,
  • Repeatable,
  • Defined,
  • Managed,
  • and Optimized,

the report evaluates 10 key performance attributes related to People, Process, and Product. Currently, 64% of e-business teams are in the Defined stage, with 36% in the early stages of Managed. The report provides key recommendations for teams to accelerate advancement along the maturity spectrum to facilitate business effectiveness, reduce costs, and generate revenue for their firms.

Optimizing the Role of e-Business identifies key opportunities and recommendations for e-Business teams to:

  • Tie prioritization of initiatives to business results
  • Leverage social media to broaden customer acquisition efforts and deliver content where customers are
  • Outsource or distribute non-core functions
  • Value and hire for e-business expertise from other industries
  • Use zero-based budgeting and metrics to improve prioritization of initiatives

For more information on the full report, Optimizing the Role of e-Business, or to learn about kasina’s other studies, visit www.kasina.com/reports.

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