Great Deals on Insurance: Ingle International

TORONTO, June 15 2010 –, an online social shopping community, is teaming up with Ingle International, a travel insurance group, to provide Saveland’s members incredible value when purchasing travel insurance. The partnership will provide Saveland’s members a full suite of travel insurance products for general and international travel, expatriates, international students, visitors to Canada and snowbirds.

The partnership is a logical step for both companies. Saveland is always looking to broaden its membership benefits and the large membership base offers great potential for Ingle. The two companies will work together through targeted promotional offers and a customized web portal, created by Ingle, to incorporate Saveland’s signature branding and messaging. “Having targeted insurance programs and resources on a portal specially built for our members, shows just how focused Ingle International is on customer service and value,” says Saveland President Tony Rothschild. “We want to make sure that our members get the best information for all their insurance needs so that they can make informed decisions about buying the right insurance product, from a reliable provider. It’s all about consistency and making things easier for our members.”

The partnership and the customized portal,, will both launch on June 15th, together with Ingle International’s advertising messages on

About Ingle International

Ingle International is a travel insurance group that represents many of the major insurance companies in Canada, as well as key international insurers. They provide student, health, life, travel and special risk insurance products for individuals, government agencies, groups and associations in North America and worldwide. By offering a wide range of programs and benefits, Ingle International’s clients get the protection they need, at the best rates available. The Ingle Group has been in business since 1946 and is headquartered in downtown Toronto.

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