Gore Mutual Launches Innovative Business Model

June 24, 2010 – Gore Mutual Insurance Company is excited to announce the launch of an innovative commercial business model that makes it easier to do business. On June 14th, 2010, Gore Mutual began piloting a new system called Quick Connection, and saw immediate adoption by both brokers and their clients. In an industry that traditionally uses vast amounts of paper and has a measurable environmental impact, Gore Mutual now provides a paperless online service.

“The benefits of Quick Connection are significant,” says Kevin McNeil, President and CEO of Gore Mutual. “For the first time, we can offer policyholders an online private account where they can manage and access documents electronically.”

Gore Mutual was the first insurer in Canada with fully paperless operations and now will be the first insurer in Canada to offer brokers and their clients the ability to manage commercial documents online. “We hope other companies in our industry will follow our lead and provide more paperless options to policyholders,” adds McNeil.

Other benefits of Quick Connection include improved customer service with 24/7 access to online documents, an advice centre and self serve capability for policyholders. This provides brokers with the ability to deliver a new value added proposition to their clients.

Gore Mutual believes in reinforcing brokers’ brands with their clients. With this in mind, Quick Connection is delivered using each broker’s unique brand, complete with their logo, corporate colours, and customization capabilities.

“Quick Connection has allowed us to offer our commercial clients a value added service,” says Andy Webb, Manager at Pearson Dunn Insurance Inc. “This technology eliminates paper. Quick Connection is good for our clients, good for us and good for the environment.”

“We see tremendous opportunity with this new service,” says Ray Faraone, President of Ensurco Insurance Group Inc. “The fact that our clients are able to access policy information, confirm the accuracy of the information and request changes online is a major technological step forward in our industry. Quick Connection is good for the environment, it’s innovative and it’s forward thinking. It confirms Gore Mutual’s commitment to technology and the broker channel by promoting the broker brand. As brokers, we know that insurance isn’t just about things; it’s about people, relationships and partnerships which is why we are happy to be part of this initiative.”

“In a market often slowed down by tradition, it is exciting to see a Canadian company innovating at the global pace,” says Jeremy Gutsche, Chief Trend Hunter of the world’s largest, most popular trend community, TrendHunter.com, which has over 16 million monthly views. “Gore Mutual was recently featured alongside TrendHunter.com in a CNN piece about paperless offices. Not a US insurer, not a European insurer but a Canadian company showcased for its innovation by the world’s leading news site.

This week, Gore Mutual continues to push boundaries with its Quick Connection electronic delivery program. In an age when consumers expect their documents online, it’s great to see services like Quick Connection which helps consumers to break free from the shackles that seem to plague other insurers.”

About Gore Mutual

Established in 1839, Gore Mutual Insurance Company is one of Canada’s oldest federally licensed property and casualty insurers. Gore Mutual has been named the #1 insurance company in Ontario by the IBAO. The company provides both personal and commercial insurance through their offices in Cambridge, Ontario and Vancouver, British Columbia. For more information, visit www.goremutual.ca.