Consumer Products Brands Tap Mobile Apps: eMarketer

Entertainment and utility are key

MARCH 30, 2010 – Consumer products marketers�including food, beverage, liquor, quick-service restaurant brands, household products, personal care, pet and apparel brands�have thrown their hats into the mobile app ring. For many marketers, apps are becoming a constituent part of an existing mobile marketing and media strategy.

“There are now numerous mobile apps that fill utilitarian needs, serving up informative tips and educational bits, plenty that offer pure entertainment and others that hover in between,” said eMarketer’s Tobi Elkin, author of the new report, “Mobile Apps and Consumer Products Brands.”

An overwhelming 64.8% of marketers and publishers reported planning to invest in mobile apps this year, according to a December 2009 survey conducted by DM2PRO and Quattro Wireless. Mobile phones and devices play an important role in consumers� lives and are spurring the growth of mobile apps.

For many consumer products marketers, that means a chance to bring customers into a closer relationship with low-touch brands.

“Brands need to develop apps that are useful and valuable,” cautioned Ms. Elkin. “The right kinds of mobile apps tethered to social media can move consumer products marketers closer to their goals.”

“The question isn’t ‘Why would P&G or Kraft or Clorox want an app?'” John Hadl, founder and CEO of BrandinHand, told eMarketer. “You start with the premise of ‘I don�t know if I want an app. I know that I want to help and touch and improve consumers� lives and make products to do that.’ You start there, then ask whether mobile can play a role.

“And of all the things one can do in mobile, is a mobile app the best way of doing it?” he said.

Whether consumer products brands choose to create their own app or partner with new or existing apps for a sponsorship, the effort should be an integrated part of their overall mobile strategy and provide clear value to the consumer.

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