Sun Life Financial reveals industry-leading financial needs analysis tool

Financial Analyzer offers client-centered planning experience

WATERLOO, ON, March 16 2010 – Sun Life Financial, in partnership with Emerging Information Systems Inc. (EISI), today announced the release of SunVision Financial Analyzer, an innovative financial needs analysis tool that will offer simplified, interactive, client-facing presentations and will change how Sun Life Financial Career Sales Force advisors provide service to clients.

SunVision Financial Analyzer supports Sun Life Financial’s dedication to identifying clients’ needs through a financial needs analysis, and provides options to address the identified needs. The flexibility of this tool also allows clients to look at one or more pieces of an overall plan, such as RRSPs and health insurance, or their entire financial plan. SunVision Financial Analyzer gives advisors the ability to provide client-friendly presentations that simplify the planning experience.

“SunVision Financial Analyzer will further strengthen the relationship between advisors and clients,” said Vic Kazazian, Senior Vice-President, Career Sales Force, Sun Life Financial Canada. “This is an industry-leading financial needs analysis tool. It will help our advisors have conversations with clients designed to help the client achieve lifetime financial security.”

SunVision Financial Analyzer provides clients with many benefits:

  • Interactive: It’s a highly interactive tool that simplifies gathering and allows the client to be involved in the planning process
  • Educational: Helps educate clients so they understand the they are buying, and are able to make informed decisions
  • Holistic approach: Ability for clients to see all of their needs one place so that gaps can be highlighted and addressed
  • Visual reports: Provides easy-to-read visual reports that customized and client-specific
  • Client-advisor relationship: Allows clients to work directly advisors, using the simplified presentations of the program to understand and build their plan
  • Maintenance: Encourages ongoing maintenance of the client’s plan reflect clients’ needs as they move through various life stages.

“For most clients, a financial plan is like a puzzle. If a piece of a puzzle is missing, then the picture’s not complete,” said Paula MacMillan, a Sun Life Financial advisor in Winnipeg. “SunVision Financial Analyzer helps determine what pieces are missing, and helps clients see, very clearly, the areas where they need to focus. This makes it an invaluable resource.”

EISI’s NaviPlan program serves as the basis for SunVision Financial Analyzer, which was customized to meet Sun Life Financial’s client needs. EISI and Sun Life Financial worked together to create a tool that allows Sun Life Financial advisors and clients to collaboratively explore solutions, build rapport and initiate discussion, and gain understanding of needs and priorities. The advanced presentation capabilities of this tool help to direct the conversation between client and advisor, and place the clients’ needs at the heart of every discussion.

“SunVision Financial Analyzer is a very valuable tool for Sun Life Financial,” said Dr. Mark Evans, President and CEO, EISI. “Through our strong partnership with Sun Life Financial, we were able to create a highly innovative software program to strengthen the advisor business. We believe this has set an industry standard, and will undoubtedly enhance the advisor-client relationship.”

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