Enrollment becoming a competitive battlefield for insurance carriers trying to attract brokers according to a new report released by Eastbridge Consulting

AVON, CONNECTICUT, USA (January 19, 2010) – Enrollments are critical for the success of a voluntary case. And, according the latest Eastbridge survey, carriers say that a key component of their value proposition is their enrollment process. Many carriers feel that brokers look for a carrier that makes enrollment easy and gives them an advantage with their clients. In addition, many feel that brokers look for a carrier offering a variety of enrollment options when making the decision about which carrier to use for a voluntary case.

Eastbridge’s latest spotlight report, Enrollment Practices for Voluntary Products, takes a look at 22 carriers’ current enrollment practices. Some of the other findings of the study include:

  • Most of the carriers offer three or more different enrollment methods for voluntary products.
  • About two out of three companies surveyed can provide enrollers for brokers’ voluntary cases.
  • Carriers most often offer two or three voluntary products during a typical enrollment.
  • Participation rates by enrollment method have narrowed.

In addition to the details behind these findings, the report provides insight on:

  • Enrollment set-up and management
  • Enrollment differentiation
  • Enroller sources and compensation
  • Enrollment support, including use of call center, laptop, web, and telephonic enrollments
  • Post-enrollment services, including re-enrollments

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