HCAI Voluntary Pilot Nearing Successful Completion

January 11, 2010 – On September 28, 2009, the HCAI pilot was successfully re-launched with two insurers and nine health care facilities. After three months of operation, the pilot has grown to include 12 insurers and 235 health care facilities, including over 2,100 active users with business representation from small to large insurers and a variety of different types and sizes of health care facilities. HCAI learned that the system is stable, that no new processing issues have been identified and that the pilot is expected to be successfully completed in February.

Current Status of the Voluntary Pilot

  • At the end of December 2009, 235 health care facilities and 12 insurers were participating.
  • The 12 insurers represent more than 25% of the Ontario automobile direct written premium.
  • The more than 2,100 active users that have joined the pilot represent 10% of the total user base expected in 2010.
  • Over 1,000 OCFs have been successfully processed.
  • No system stability concerns have been raised.
  • No new defects have been identified.
  • A pilot participant survey to capture user experience is being prepared.

Additional Information, go to http://www.hcaiinfo.ca/docs/Bulletins/HCAI_Media_Jan_2010.pdf for:
What we’ve learned so far
What Is Next?

About HCAI

Health Claims for Auto Insurance (HCAI) is an electronic system for transmitting specific Ontario auto insurance health claims forms between insurers and health care providers. It supports the need for access to timely, accurate data to monitor the auto insurance system. More information at www.hcaiinfo.ca.

In this bulletin, HCAI provide more information about the pilot and identify the next steps as HCAI moves from pilot to full rollout. We also outline the rollout schedule that is anticipated to be completed prior to the end of 2010 .