SPECS Limited Opens New Branch Office in Regina, SK

Edmonton, AB (January 6, 2010) – SPECS Limited, the country’s leading provider of independent property damage valuations and cost control services has opened a new office in Regina, SK. The strategic location and the placement of Marc Poissant, Office Manager, whose extensive knowledge of the construction and restoration markets, will allow the company to better serve its insurance clients in the Saskatchewan market.

NEW Regina Office is located at:

2080 Rae Street
Regina, SK S4T 2E5
Telephone: (306)-501-3846
Office Manager: Marc Poissant
e-Mail: [email protected]

About SPECS Limited

Founded in 1995, SPECS Limited. – Specialized Property Evaluation Control Services – was conceived to fill the need for experienced and professional property loss, insurance valuation, and cost control services throughout Canada.

The SPECS Limited team takes great pride in bringing value, service and success to every project. They are among the finest and most qualified professionals in the industry and approach every call with dedication and a focus on the customers’ best interests.

Since being fully acquired by founding member Dave Wallace in 2000, SPECS Limited has serviced more than 25,000 claims nationally and saved our clients hundreds of millions of dollars in unnecessary claims charges. www.specs.ca.