Winter is a season – RRSP (and retirement) is not!

Toronto, Jan. 5, 2010 – Traditionally the months of January and February are known for two things in Canada – winter and RRSP season. Although there’s not much we can do about the weather, we can change the way we think about retirement.

Whether you’re retiring next year or 30 years from now, creating a plan and then understanding how to allocate your savings to last throughout your retirement is critical.

Everyone has different needs and priorities when it comes to finances and planning. No two situations are the same. With health, wealth and life insurance experts, Sun Life spokespeople can speak to a broad range of issues relating to financial services and financial advice.

Interview opportunities

  • Pension reform in Canada – We are on the verge of some of the most significant changes to Canada’s pension system since the creation of the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board in 1997. Sun Life can provide insight on the rationale behind the federal government’s proposal to create Pooled Registered Pension Plans (PRPP). Increased health care costs in retirement are also a growing issue, and we can provide comment on potential solutions such as a Registered Health Savings Plan (RHSP), which would allow Canadians to save tax-free to deal with health expenses in retirement.
  • Post retirement plans – So much attention is paid to saving for retirement, but what about managing your money after you’ve left the workforce?
  • CPP changes – Starting this year, deciding to retire before or after age 65 may make a big difference to the income you receive. What does this mean to you and your planned retirement date? Sun Life can help you figure it out with a calculator tool at My retirement cafĂ© (
  • Employer-matching programs – Are you taking advantage of employer-matching programs at work? If not, how much money are you leaving on the table?
  • Health and wealth – According to the Sun Life Canadian Health Index (TM) (, Canadians believe they’re healthy, but a large percentage exhibit unhealthy behaviours. With health care costs rising, what affect will this have on their retirement plans?
  • Planning and advice – Why is it so important to have a financial plan? What can an advisor tell you that you don’t already know?
  • The great debate: RRSP or TFSA? Is it one or the other, or both? How do you choose?

Whether it’s discussing new trends on the retirement landscape or answering more specific questions Canadians may have, our experts will show you that at Sun Life, retirement season covers twelve months of the year.

Retirement facts

  • 50%
    The chances one member of a 65-year old couple will live to age 90. There’s a 25 per cent chance one member of the couple will reach age 94. That’s more than 30 years of retirement.(1)
  • 25 years
    The average length of retirement today. That’s 10 years longer than we used to plan for retirement savings to last.(1)
  • Approximately 1,000
    The number of baby boomers turning 65 every day this year.(2)

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