iv3 Solutions, new inspection and loss control company launched for North American property & casualty insurance industry

Toronto, Canada (December 3, 2009) – iv3 Solutions announced today its North American launch of residential inspection management services and loss control solutions to the property and casualty (P&C) insurance industry.

Combining detailed location intelligence, proprietary technology and a North American network of property evaluation experts, iv3 Solutions offers P&C insurance companies the choice of automated reports and field inspection services, ensuring the right type of risk control for each property.

Additionally, iv3 Solutions and Altus Group (TSX: AIF.UN) have been working together to create a new residential replacement cost toolset, that leverages their unmatched geographic reach, expertise and construction cost information. The solution is focused on providing accurate, timely and geographically relevant reconstruction cost data and property information.

“We are very excited about launching our unique loss control solutions in conjunction with our network of over 9,000 field service inspectors to the North American P&C insurance industry,” said Jason Smith, CEO of iv3 Solutions. “By using our proprietary transaction management platform, insurance companies and brokers will realize cost-savings and gain efficiencies by accessing our automated ‘iv3 PropertyIntel™ report, before ordering an inspection,” Smith continued.

iV3 Solutions platform offers workflow automation, centralized procurement and invoicing, along with three key inspection services: PropertyIntel™, Exterior and High-Value. iv3’s PropertyIntel™ report combines real estate, municipal tax assessment and appraisal data, together with the joint Altus, iv3 replacement cost toolset, providing automated intelligence about individual properties and their surrounding neighbourhoods. Depending upon the information contained within the PropertyIntel™ report, a field inspection can be ordered. iv3’s platform automates this process, providing risk-based parameters to insurers.

“We’ve been able to bring innovation to the P&C insurance market, while making it turn-key for day-to-day operations,” said David Newall, EVP, iv3 Solutions. “Combining our extensive property database, with the replacement cost toolset, we are able to provide insurers with automated location intelligence and risk assessment. If an inspection is still required, we can integrate an insurance company’s in-house or external vendors and combine our own network to ensure 100% coverage across all markets,” Newall continued.

“Through our technology and service offerings, we put the insurance company in the driver’s seat,” said Smith. “iv3 Solutions will help insurance companies achieve complete automation, transparency and workflow management, while ensuring compliance and the right loss control decision.”

About iv3 Solutions

iv3 Solutions is a North American provider of property information, risk control solutions and data analytics to the property and casualty insurance industry. iv3 is a sister-company of Solidifi, a leading provider of property valuation, collateral risk management and data analytic services to the North American mortgage industry. Solidifi currently serves leading global financial institutions with its Canadian head office in Toronto and United States head office in Chicago. Additional information about iv3 is available at www.iv3solutions.com and Solidifi at www.solidifi.com.