TIRF releases new interlock primer

The Traffic Injury Research Foundation is pleased to announce the release of a new primer, Alcohol Interlocks in Canada � From Research to Practice. The primer was developed with the goal to inform Canadian practitioners about alcohol interlock technology, international research and program implementation in Canada.

This primer was designed as a comprehensive resource for road safety professionals and policy makers in Canada and is tailored to the Canadian context. It contains a review of international research on alcohol ignition interlocks, with an emphasis on Canadian findings, and clear and detailed information regarding how alcohol interlock technology can be utilized according to the different features of programs.

The primer also features information on the various alcohol interlock programs in operation in Canada, along with excerpts of Canadian legislation pertaining to alcohol interlocks. The report also addresses a variety of caveats, and concerns about interlock programs.

Funding for the Canadian interlock primer was made possible by a grant from Alcohol Countermeasure Systems Corp.

The primer is available in printed format only. To order a copy, please contact [email protected]. Please note that there is a minimum charge per order for non-members/donors of $25.00 (Canadian dollars) to cover shipping and handling.

About TIRF

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