Ontario Providing Choice in Auto Insurance: Consumers To Choose Coverage That Meets Their Protection Needs and Budgets

November 2, 2009 – Ontario would provide consumers with more choice and flexibility in their auto insurance coverage under new proposals introduced today.

Drivers could opt for a new basic level of auto insurance coverage that could help reduce their auto insurance premiums, or choose additional levels of medical and rehabilitation coverage. This would allow drivers to buy coverage that best meets their individual protection needs and budgets, while stabilizing insurance premiums in Ontario.

Ontario’s basic medical and rehabilitation benefits would remain the most generous of any province with a similar auto insurance marketplace in Canada. The government will work with the insurance industry, health care providers and consumer groups to enhance drivers’ awareness and understanding of new choices available to them.

Ontarians would also benefit from 17 consumer protection measures also being proposed. This includes clarifying that certain objectionable quoting practices are prohibited, including using credit scoring to determine whether a driver is insurable or how much to charge a driver for auto insurance.

The reforms would also streamline a number of processes to reduce transaction costs and create a less complex auto insurance system, ensuring more accident benefit dollars go to treating accident victims.


  • Provinces with similar auto insurance marketplaces, such as Alberta and New Brunswick, have $50,000 in medical and rehabilitation coverage. Insurers in PEI, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland provide $25,000. These provinces do not provide a higher level of benefits for people with catastrophic injuries.
  • The proposals introduced today are based on the recommendations from the government’s first Five-Year Automobile Insurance Review report.
  • Average auto insurance premiums remain lower than they were in October 2003.