The one item you don’t want to be caught without in a car emergency: CAA

THORNHILL, ON, Oct. 1 2009 – October is car care month and CAA is recommending all motorists start the month with having one essential item in their vehicle, a good road hazard survival kit.

Fully prepared motorists always keep essential emergency supplies in their cars at all times because a driving emergency can happen to anyone day or night.

According to CAA, the average annual cost of owning and operating a car is estimated to be $6,519. This is roughly seven per cent of the average Canadian family’s annual income of $54,000, as calculated by the Fraser Institute.

“With a typical family spending seven per cent of their annual household budget on their vehicle expenses it really does make sense to do everything you can to not only keep your vehicle in the best shape but to do something as simple as investing in a road hazard survival kit,” says CAA spokesperson Edyta Zdancewicz. “We actually have kits available for purchase at our CAA stores. Visit to download a special $5 discount for the month of October.”

CAA recommends the following items in your vehicle:

  • first-aid kit in case of injury
  • fire extinguisher
  • booster cables
  • warning lights or road flares
  • extra clothing and footwear
  • emergency food pack
  • matches and a “survival” candle (tea light)
  • flashlight
  • blanket (special “survival” blankets are best)
  • extra windshield washer fluid
  • fuel line antifreeze
  • reflective vest
  • compass
  • cell phone
  • road maps
  • traction mats
  • shovel
  • ice scraper and snow brush
  • inflated spare tire and jack
  • CAA membership card


CAA South Central Ontario is a not-for-profit auto clubs offering insurance, travel and roadside services. There are more than 1.8 million CAA members in Ontario and 5 million members in Canada. For further information: Media Contact: Edyta Zdancewicz, Media and PR Specialist, 60 Commerce Valley Drive East, Thornhill, ON, L3T 7P9, [email protected], Office: (905) 771-3194, Cell: (416) 209-4930