CDRG Welcomes Erb Restorations Saint John and Magiclean Disaster Restoration Calgary, Notes Fire Retardant Concerns

Erb Restorations Ltd.

Erb Restoration Ltd is a division of Erb Builders Ltd a general contractor specializing in custom homes, new construction and renovations serving the greater Saint John NB area for over 35 years, with high quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Erb Builders Ltd began a division for restoration work five years ago, as Erb Restoration Ltd, they recognized the need for a specialized service division to facilitate the insurance industry, business and homeowners looking for quality work, customer service, honesty and stability.

Erb Restoration Ltd is committed to providing the latest technology in equipment and training, to provide a remedial service for fire & smoke damage, water and sewer backup, mould remediation and odor control. Their employees remain abreast of industry standards through the IICRC. Their certified technicians are trained to take care of disasters affecting homes or businesses.

Erb Restoration Ltd has on site climate control storage and Ozone chamber for removal of smoke and mildew odors. They also provide an efficient 24/7 emergency service.

Erb Restoration is a family based business co-owned by Wayne Erb and Rosaline Ells. Wayne has been a general contractor for over thirty-five years with a vast amount of experience and is an award winning contractor. A long standing member of the Canadian Home Builders Association, registered member of the Atlantic Home Warranty, and certified R2000 builder. Rosaline has been in the management field for over twenty years dealing with customers and customer satisfaction, Rosaline is also an IICRC certified technician. Between them they have over fifty years of experience. Erb Restoration Ltd is growing and flourishing under the management of Rosaline Ells and supervision of Wayne Erb and their loyal and dedicated staff.

Their motto is “WORKING TOGETHER TO MAKE IT WORK”, a slogan they live by. With the divisions of each company there is also Cedar Hills Landscape and Design Ltd. Owned and Operated by Jolene Tufts daughter of Wayne Erb and husband Tim who work closely with Erb Restoration and Erb Builders, providing all their landscape needs. Along with CDRG, Erb Restoration Ltd. nurture TEAM WORK … where : Together Everyone Achieves More.

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Dedicated to the Calgary community since 1992, Magiclean Disaster Restoration Services mission is; to become the most highly sought after and recognized, Water Damage Restoration and Cleaning company in Calgary with their exceptional commitment to Quality of Work, STAFF and COMMUNITY.” Magiclean features the latest in technology and certified staff to handle all your disaster restoration needs. Whether it is working with homeowners, insurance companies or property managers, their commitment to excellence and quality is guaranteed. Their only goal is to solve the problems and relieve the headaches in disaster restoration so you can go on about your day and focus on what matters to you.

Commitment to caring. They will go to any lengths to ensure customers are always happy, even if it costs the company money – they would rather win a customer’s favor than risk their reputation.

Quality People. They attract the top people in the industry because they take care of them. They have a reputation for our high quality standards. Which makes it easier for their employees to succeed by providing them with the finest equipment and training available.

Outstanding Cleaning Service. Magiclean uses only the state of the art cleaning equipment. Their truck mounted units can heat steam to over 230 degrees. We use the leading chemical formulations for cleaning. We have a unique ten step cleaning process to ensure the finest cleaning possible. We ensure every customer is completely satisfied. Their staff incentive programs are based on happy customers rather than the number of jobs they complete in a day.
“Being part of a national association such as CDRG will enable our company to become more competitive in our local market. It gives us access to resources, buying power, expert knowledge and more importantly like minded members who strive on quality workmanship” states Shane Field, MDR Services Operations Manager.

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Fire Retardants Are Cause For Concern

Since July more than 2,000 fires were detected across the province of British Columbia, mostly concentrated in central BC. Thankfully courageous fire crews from all over the country continue making progress battling major wildfires with the help of helicopters dousing hot spots with fire retardant.

Some say that forest fires are just natures way of replenishing the environment, but one thing is for sure, they wreak havoc on many different fronts. The concerns resulting from forest fires resonate long after the blaze has been put out. Among these concerns are the lasting effects of fire retardants on the environment. Some heated debates have taken place over the use of fire retardants. Opponents argue they increase the possibility for leaving a potent mix of potentially toxic chemicals behind.

Contrary to popular belief, retardants do not extinguish fires but rather suppress and decrease the intensity of wildfires. There are two different types of fire retardants; short and long term. Long term retardants are water-soluble and contain ammonium salts that char when they come into contact with flames. The charring reaction releases a water and carbon dioxide combination that cools and suffocates the fire. Foam retardants are known for their short term effect, similar to dish soap, they absorb heat from combustion and slowly release water which suppresses the fire. Once the water evaporates the retarding effect dissipates.

Fire retardants are colored red for higher visibility over the drop zone and in time, they are designed to fade with exposure to UV light (sunlight), humidity and rain. It is this red colorant that can present problems for homeowners, restorers and adjusters because they adversely affect buildings, cars, equipment and wildlife by leaving a residual mess. While building owners praise the �red cloud� sprayed nearby and on their property, the residual composition of some retardants can cause long term corrosion, pitting, discoloration and other problems if not treated promptly. The best approach according to experts is washing it down with water as soon as possible.

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